Success stories from around the world

Tailings dam monitoring

Using a cloud-based warning system to protect the Amazonian rainforest

Responsible mining firm MRN uses Worldsensing CMT Cloud to protect a sensitive ecosystem in Brazil.

Geophysical monitoring

Monitoring the stability of a rock cliff on a Swiss road and rail route

Tunnel construction monitoring

Tunnel construction monitoring for the U5 metro line extension in Germany

Remote Wireless Tunnel Monitoring of ground water and pore pressure

Groundwater monitoring for the Fornebu metro line in Oslo, Norway

Landfill monitoring

Wireless monitoring of a landfill in New Jersey, USA

United States of America
Tunnel monitoring

Improving the safety of metro tunnel construction monitoring

Tunnel monitoring

Tunnel monitoring for the Grand Paris Métro project

Tunnel monitoring

Geotechnical monitoring of the Eppenberg Tunnel


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