Boost productivity and safety

Easily comply with project requirements by gathering and sharing monitoring data remotely.

Challenges you are probably faced with

You work with tight terms and budgets.

You have to comply with a variety of safety and environmental regulations.

You are often faced with delays due to deviations or incidents which can even paralyze the works and substantially increase the estimated cost of the project.

You need to work in parallel to the other activities at the site which cannot be disrupted.

Your solution: IoT Remote Monitoring.

Our monitoring solution allows construction site operators to remotely monitor and manage all critical stages of a construction project, from demolition and excavation through to high-risk and highly complex jobs.

Application areas for IoT remote monitoring in construction

Construction site monitoring

Monitoring pore water pressure to track changes in soil consolidation.
Environmental compliance.

Monitoring load of anchorages since installation

Monitoring settlements process during soil reclamation works.

Controlling terrain deformation during tunnel construction

Building construction enforcement.

IoT remote monitoring in tunnel construction

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Success story

Geotechnical monitoring of the Eppenberg Tunnel

The Soleura canton uses geotechnical monitoring to detect incidents that may affect the works

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Explaining Smart Ground Anchors

Unlike standard ground or earth anchorage systems, smart ground anchors use data loggers to send information about the state of an anchor to a control center so the stability of the structure can be monitored.


Worldsensing launches smart tunnel lining concept

IoT remote monitoring leader announces solution where sensors are pre-embedded in the concrete segments used to line tunnels Worldsensing, the global [...]

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