Project Type IIoT

Project Status Completed

Total project cost 3,240,429.76 €

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About the project

The REFER project aims to improve the energy alternatives available for buildings, giving them flexibility with several options to address the generation of renewable energy and energy efficiency modules. The reality of today’s cities is that buildings have various uses and provisions. Some of them are residential and others are industrial and/or commercial building. Consumption and, consequently, options to improve energy management are related to the building’s nature and thus are different and must be addressed judiciously. The great challenge of this project is to improve the energy efficiency of existing buildings and new construction, where it is easier to incorporate new technologies and knowledge. The REFER project takes the two points of view: it focuses on energy and flexible rehabilitation of residential and tertiary buildings.

Aquest projecte ha estat cofinançat per la Unió Europea a través del Fons Europeu de Desenvolupament Regional (FEDER)